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how to request verification on linkedin?

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how to verify linkedin company page?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, LinkedIn doesn’t provide a way to verify your profile.

If you are a high-profile person, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will put a little tick next to your name and photo so people know it’s really you.

Retweeting the wrong Barack Obama can be a bit embarrassing, but how about hiring someone who didn’t actually graduate from Harvard?

The superficial reasons for needing a system of verification on LinkedIn still apply, but there are important employment based reasons. Including name, employment history, education, professional associations and references.

LinkedIn is one of the few social networks that figured out how to monetise without annoying its users: Talent solutions.

If you are looking for talent, LinkedIn will let you (for a fee) plug into their network and do some really powerful searching.

Why spend money on reactive candidate searching when you can directly contact hundreds of candidates with exactly the skills and experience you are looking for?

But what if they aren’t who they say they are, don’t have the experience they say they have and didn’t graduate from the university on their profile?

Background checks are a regular part of big corporations and government jobs, but LinkedIn could consolidate much of it.

The dirty little secret of the hiring process is laziness. There are plenty of examples of this but here’s a dangerous one. And here too.

With a small amount of work, LinkedIn could start verifying people. Start with names and faces. That’s a good one.

But more valuable would be verified company pages (like Google Maps does).

From a verified company page you could start verifying anyone who says they work/ed at the company.

Now you have a verified name and experience.

Take it another step further and partner (commercially or otherwise) with major educational institutions to put a verified tick next to the education of each profile.

It won’t stop this, but it would add a layer of trust over the network that it needs.

Once you have a verified identity framework, all those wonderful recommendations by your network become much more valuable.

LinkedIn currently won’t stop you from creating fake profiles with fake credentials and then getting fake recommendations. Being verified by LinkedIn would make it a lot harder.

As with the recruiter business model for LinkedIn, a verification business model could be leveraged so that regular users don’t pay.

I am sure Google would be happy to make sure no one could lie about working for them.

Likewise Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge.

Your professional reputation is now online and can be largely captured by LinkedIn, but it isn’t verified, and it should be.‍